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Rockin' Graphix

GrApHiCs ThAt RoCk

Graphics that rock
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_izu_ marlonob janie_tangerine

* CREDIT the maker please
* DO NOT ALTER...if you want any changes to any graphic, just ask, we don't bite
* DO NOT distribute any icons as your own

this is teh_indy 's DO's and DON't's in ICON COMMUNITIES (thanx to noidea_icons )


-->Will you make graphics on request?
There's no problem about that...just provide an image and we'll do something..just don't be an asshole if you don't like the final product.
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Annika Von Holdt
mà qui na
Jigsaw Puzzle

Stylesheet by betterdolphin
Headers by lasamy
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THE PIT - Italian Velvet Revolver Fansite
Velvet Revolver Official Site
Invisible-Movement.net aka the John Frusciante heaven
Stadium-Arcadium the ultimate RHCP Fansite
rockin_graphix is listed @

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Layout profile code thanks to street_of_mercy

my ANTHONY KIEDIS (RHCP) 100 icons batch I made for elite100

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