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Tutorial : cowboy Josh ^^

I made some caps from THIS of a movie with Josh Holloway, where he's dressed up as a cowboy and sings playing the guitar (♥)

How to go from to

Program: Photoshop CS2
Includes: Selective colors and Color Balance

take your base, crop 100x100, sharpen once

duplicate the base 2 times and set them all to screen (you may need only one or even 3 screen layers, it depends on how much is dark your base)

Layer >> New adjustment layer >> Color Balance
Midtones: +46, 0, +20
set the layer to Color

Layer >> New adjustment layer >> Selective Colors
Reds: 0, 0, +30, -17
Blues: -32, -43, 0, +42
Neutrals: 60, 30, 19, 2

Add this gradient by unusualgeek
set it to Multiply 40%

Add this texture by framedinblood
set it to screen.
Ass also this texture by loveicon
set it to screen 61%
You got this:

Layer >> New Fill Layer >> #b5f5f0 >> Color Burn 70%
then duplicate your base, drag it to the top and set to soft light 26%

and you'r done! ^^

with the same technique I made also:
and (for this one i rotated the brushes and played with the opacities)

hope it helps =D
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