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icon tutorial

Ok... I've decided to try to write a tutorial.. it's my first one so go easy on me ^_^ and so with the help of a young and redheaded John Frusciante I'm going to explane how I go from this:

to this:

 First of all, I have my pic that I decided to use:

But as I need only John's face, I do a few things. First of all, I crop a section of the image, like this:

Then, I open a new, 100x100 document and drag the image into that one; of course it's not going to fit as I like, but by right clicking on the rectangular selection and choosing free transform, I resize it until it fits my new image and I get this:

I merge this layer with the background and so it becomes my background layer. But it's too clear and not as defined as I'd like it to be. So I follow these few steps. First of all I duplicate the base layer (ctrl+J) and put it to Soft Light, 100% opacity; then I select the duplicated layer. As I'd like the lines to be more refined, I go to filter->sharpen->sharpen and obtain this:

I still don't like the lightning; so, do you see the channels palette near the layers one? I select that and I have a look at the lightning on each channel. Red's too bright, blue too dark, so I decide for the green one. I click on the RGB picture, then press CTRL and then again click on the green channel. You should see some dotted lines selecting parts of your image. Done this, I go to Edit -> Fill. I fill it with black, setting it to Normal, 100% opacity. i come back to the layers palette and merge the soft light layer with the base one, obtaining this:

Seems better, no? But I'm still not satisfied with it and so I sharpen it again; now I have this.

And now my base is ready! Now, I'd like it to be just a little bit softer and to add some kind of glove to his face. So I duplicate my base again, I go to fliter->blur->gaussian blur and blur it with one px, then I set it to soft light, i sharpen it again one time and we've come to this:

Looks nicer, huh? Now I'm ready to make it prettier ^_^ I've decided to use this texture bycolorfilter, this time.

I drag it on my base, then set it to hard light, then with the blurring filter I used before I blur that with 1px too; after that, I go on image->adjustments->hue/saturation and enter -53 in saturation and +38 in lightness. Then I create a new blank layer, I fill it with black and put it to Soft Light, 89%. And I'm here:

Time to make it even prettier! I decided to use two brushes, one by[info]yumei_k (the text) and one byfluffypink_lana (the cross), but you can choose whatever you like. I put each brush in a new layer and the colour is black. After that, I set the two brushes to overlay and I have this:

Then I want to add some text; I choose a title of one of his solo songs, the past recedes; I make a new text layer in white and write it on the upper side of the pic. I used a character called Especial Kay, at 14 pt, bold. Then I went to the layer's blending options. First of all, I stroked it inside, with black, and put it to overlay. Then I added an outer glow with these settings: colour #ffffbe, spread 18%, size 24 px and range 94%. And now it's like this:

Now it's almost finished; time fot the last touch! I make a new blank layer, select it all with ctrl+a, go to edit -> stroke and stroke it with black, 3px. Then I set the new level to soft light and I have a nice little border:

And voilà, we're done!

I hope I was clear enough and that this can be useful ^_^

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