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19 December 2011 @ 11:09 pm
Icons: Game of Thrones 1x10, Fire and Blood, for got20in20  
Hi, I'm still alive and master's degree is eating up my life that isn't being eaten up by fic exchanges, but that's me seeing if I can still make icons. Also, shiny new show is SHINY.

20 icons for got20in20

1-20 Game of Thrones, Fire and Blood

10 Themes
The Shadows
Come to Dance
Burning Bright Wildfire The Old Way* Valar Morghulis
and Crying
The Kingsroad One to Bed One to Dread One to Love

Category - The Seven
Mother Crone Stranger Maiden Warrior

Artist's Choice

* Idk how much it's clear or not, but the base was the blue exclusion layer of doom.

Same drill as usual:

- No text doesn't mean base;
- If you want some textless one personalized, just tell me ;)
- Tell if nominating anywhere (and thanks in advance if you do XD)
- Credit isn't required but appreciated;
- No stealing; this implies that this stuff is not eligible to be used as a base for anything else unless you ask me first. At which I'll say yes 99% of the time, but you know. Sorry for the rant but it happened and I'll just make it clear.
- New addition, since it happened, too: don't repost this on deviantart without asking me first. I don't care about fanpop or anywhere else you want to share this, but I don't want to get linked icons posted on DA without credit. Y/y?
- Comments and suggestions are ♥
- I'm up for tutorials ;); ♥

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the female ghost of tom joad: GoTjanie_tangerine on December 21st, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D